spring scene

Spring really is my favourite season of the year. And I especially like all thos beautiful spring blossoms. They cheer up the dulles, glummest days. I bought some branches a few weeks ago, and first I could enjoy the blossoms, and now they are growing little leaves. They combine well with Rosie and Viv's Stek-chairs (www.aboutstek.nl), that I wrote earlier about. The little blackbird's skull is made by Dutch artist Jeroen Kuster (.nl), and makes this little scene a bit edgier.

In the background you can see two beautiful images that are made by Stephen Gill. They are part of a series called Buried. He took pictures in his old neighbourhood Hackney Wick, and buried them on the spot. After a few weeks he dug them up again, to give a beautiful, weathered effect. We bought the images at Foam, the museum of phogography in Amsterdam (www.foam.nl). There's also a book about it, but I'm not sure if it is still for sale.