finishing up phase one

This week I'm finishing a lot of 'phases one' of most of my assignments (that's why there's not as many posts as usual). I measured up some rooms with the carpenter Douglas van Vugt, for new cabinets that I designed for a beautiful old house. Tomorrow I (hopefully) will be finalising the drawings of the house with a new kitchen, first floor and attick, so the contractor Cor from Tools can make his calculations. And today I made the (semi-)final selections of a colour scheme of another beautiful house that was designed in 1921 by architect F.A. Warners.

I made the mood boards last week, and also the first selection of the colours that we will use. Today we went to the house to check the selected colours in the house itself. Because you always have to check if the colours that you select actually fit with the light and athmosphere of the house.

I selected a lot of colours from The Little Greene Paint Company and Farrow & Ball, because they have such beautiful, intense colours and because of their good quality. The price is worth it, and you cover much more square metres with one can than with one of a cheaper brand. I usually buy these paints at De Ru, a paint and wallpaper company that is specialised in the better paint brands. I always have to brace myself a bit before I enter the store, because sometimes they can be a bit patronising, with that typical Amsterdam attitude, but they really know a lot about paint.